Since 2002, Professional Fitness has provided quality personal training services to tens of thousands of clients at some of the largest health clubs in over 20 markets across the country. Our team has over 100 years combined experience in the health, fitness, and personal training industries.

"I've been with Professional Fitness for 9 months and have seen amazing results in muscle tone and strength gains. I'm in better shape than ever before!"
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Rachel D.Professional Fitness member
"When I started working out with my Professional Fitness trainer I weighed a whopping 174 pounds. Now I'm happily down to 145!"
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Jackie O.Professional Fitness member
"When I started training in March, I was over 30% body fat and almost 120 lbs. On Nov. 3rd, I was about 17% body fat and down to 95 lbs!"
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Through a commitment to organizational excellence and a principled approach to business, Professional Fitness seeks continual improvement as the premiere personal training company in the United States by helping clients realize their fitness goals, helping employees realize their career goals, and helping health club operators maximize the value of their membership through the level of professionalism and service we provide.

Our trainers uphold the following Professional Fitness values: EMPATHY, HONESTY, DEPENDABILITY, RESPECT, and CONSISTENCY.



+-*This may be your first time working with a personal trainer and we will ensure that you are treated with care and compassion.



+-*We are honest in all of our interactions with our clients and each other, without exception.

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+-*Our clients can depend on our friendly staff to be on time and there for them when they need us.



+-*We honor those who put their trust in us.



+-*Our organization is able to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and uphold value in our services.

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The FITT Principle: Where your new body begins!

The human body adapts to exercise very quickly, so giving the body the same workout over and over won’t work very well at all. In order to drastically improve your physique, your weight training, cardio, and nutrition must change. If we do the same workouts over and over, we hit the dreaded plateau and our progress stops. Your trainer’s job is to get you results that last, and that means utilizing the FITT principle.

F – Frequency

Your workout should be dynamic, adjusting how many times per week or per month you exercise. Your trainer will know when to change this based on your strength levels and overall progress. We recommend training 2 to 5 times per week, depending on your experience, exercise tolerance, muscle fiber type, and the quality of your nutrition.

I – Intensity

Intensity refers to the percentage of one rep max you are lifting. Additionally, it is how ‘hard’ a workout is, or what trainers might call “perceived exertion.” Your trainer will constantly change both facets of intensity. Some workouts will be easier than others, some will be lighter, heavier, etc.

T – Time

Time can refer to many variables in exercise. Most of our clients weight train for about 30 minutes followed by cardio for maximum fat burn. Some workouts may be a few minutes shorter to allow for more recovery. Your trainer may compress more work in the same time, thus increasing what’s called the density of a workout. These changes regarding time allow you to progress and improve, while avoiding stagnation.


T – Type

The most effective way to build muscle is with free weights. Your trainer will know numerous free weight exercises to help you build your best body. The type of cardio will also vary: one day it might be a treadmill, the next time a stepper, then an elliptical. Plus, the types of foods on your nutrition plan will change: at times you may need more protein, or a slight increase of healthy fats. Your trainer will guide you through this process, always modifying your program so that you continue to progress.


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