How to build your shoulders

*+-Everyone dreams of having strong basketball like shoulders.  Women stuff their jackets and blouses with extra padding so their shoulders look fuller.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a suit or blouse fit without padding?  Well, it is possible with … Read More


How to get motivated

*+-“All are chosen, few respond”    Anonymous Over the years I have been asked repeatedly by news reporters, editors, freelance writers, clients and people just like you…… how do I get motivated to exercise?   What I have learned over the years … Read More


Fitness diet plans

*+-The Vegetarian Diet focuses on plant foods and other non-meat sources of nutrition. Although many people use “vegetarian” to describe any diet that excludes or highly restricts meat, there are several types of this kind of diet.   The Vegan … Read More


Choosing the right personal trainer

*+-A question I am often asked during my presentations is “How do I choose a Personal Trainer?” Choosing the right trainer is vital because you are entrusting your body to that person. Often clients choose their trainer based upon how … Read More


Start the new year off with a fitness plan!

*+-Every 365 days we celebrate a New Year.  For many of us this is a time of reflection. At some point we look at what changes or improvements we can make in the new year. Losing weight or getting into … Read More